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The BP Group contracted with ATX Advisory Services to assist us in reviewing our existing processes and systems. ATX performed a critical needs assessment of our organization against leading practices. They then created an actionable implementation roadmap which has allowed the BP Group to better utilize our IT, accounting and internal management processes to compete in today’s aggressive economic environment.

I can honestly say that ATX Advisory Services approach and speed of implementation is one which is not consistent with the consultant trade as we have experienced. ATX’s consulting approach very much emulates our own approach of “Quicker, Faster, Better and more profitability for our clients”.

I am very pleased, as CEO of The BP Group, with the performance and support that ATX has provided our firm.

John Losey, CEO



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I have worked with ATX consultants for several years.  They are some of the more creative and detailed financial professionals that I have worked with.  What separates them from the field is their ability to look past the accounting theory and truly understand the business reality associated with running a high growth company.  Quite simply, the best.

Sean Coady, Sr. Partner



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As a sponsored research organization our systems were designed to support not-for-profit/higher education organizations.  We needed a better way to manage inventory and track bill of materials for large infrastructure projects.  ATX consultants were instrumental in tailoring a solution that addressed the contractual requirements of the projects, as well as, the functional needs of the engineers.    I highly recommend them for your next project.  They understands the needs from an operational standpoint, as well as, a technical standpoint.

John Lombardi, Director of IT





Delivering our Values


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Deliver exceptional service



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Operate with integrity



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Build lasting client partnerships



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Develop vibrant business relationships



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Grow our employees



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Deliver thought leadership



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Give back to our communities



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Follow our own advice




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