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When we launched ATX in early 2013, we established 8 core values for our firm including value #7: “Giving back to our communities”. This was not something that we took lightly, as we have always wanted to do more for our community and establish a standard of giving back. In the U.S., corporate donations account for only 5% of all charitable giving, with the average U.S. company donating less than 1% of profits.

Now that we have our business firmly established, we are excited to formally launch our corporate philanthropy initiatives which include donating 5% of all profits to charitable organizations. In addition to our corporate donations, we currently provide pro-bono consulting services to non-profit organizations and encourage our employees to be actively involved in community service.

What We Give?

  • 5% of all corporate profits are donated to non-profit organizations
  • We provide pro-bono management consulting services to help non-profits operate more efficiently
  • Our employees are engaged in community service and actively support charitable organizations

Where We Give

Our corporate giving and volunteerism is currently focused on providing support to organizations focused on educating and developing our youth, medical research, and local community based organizations. We often donate to charitable organizations at the request of our clients and relationships which include the below organizations. Please let us know if there is an organization that you would like us to consider supporting by emailing us at atx@atxadvisory.com or filling out the form below.

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