You can do it all with Caliper.



Loan servicing


External data


Synchronizes your data

Creates clean data views

Centralized information hub




Dynamic filtering



Visual storytelling

Detailed drill down

Access from anywhere



Exception highlighting

Automated reporting

Custom notifications



Impact Map

Geographic distribution of key impact measures

Portfolio Analysis

In-depth analysis of loan portfolio

Loan Detail

Visual drill downs into individual loans

Portfolio Summary

Check balances, see fund distribution and overall performance

Trend Reporting

Visualize trends over time

Identify Outliers

Visualize your portfolio and find outliers

Caliper is secure.

Securing Data at Rest

We store data at rest using AES-256, block-level storage encryption – the same level of protection that banks use.

Securing Data in Transit

ATX uses Transport Level Security (TLS) with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) for all data requests and responses ensuring that incoming and outgoing network communications are secure.

Cloud Data Centers

Our cloud data centers are hosted within Microsoft Azure. Azure uses multi-layered, built-in security controls and unique threat intelligence to protect your data.

Data Protection and Resiliency

We utilize cloud backup technology and can provide  point-in-time restores of the entire database for up to 30 days. Longer retention periods can be provided upon request.

User Access

Caliper uses name-based user accounts with role-based security. User access is restricted to specific dashboards required for the user role and access to the underlying data can be further secured based on dimensional data (Company, Division, etc.)

Audit Trail

Caliper captures an audit trail of user behavior including login requests and execution logs allowing for real-time monitoring and alerting of user actions

Caliper is accessible.

View Dashboards and Reports across all devices

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