Technology Consulting

Information technology is a key driver and differentiator in business today.  Businesses must be able to leverage their significant investments in technology with well designed, implemented and managed systems that give its constituents the information needed to make well informed decisions.

Data & Analytics

ATX assists clients with both the design and development of system integrations. The design process puts a major focus on company specific needs and goals to ensure that the planned integrations meet the specific business needs and utilize appropriate technologies based on the client systems architecture. From a development perspective, ATX develops robust integrations leveraging a variety of frameworks and toolsets based on the client’s technology environment.

Executive Advisory

Aligning systems and processes to strategy is paramount in executing a business plan.  ATX Consultants have the experience and knowledge to work with client owners and executives to articulate business strategy and then help design and implement improved business processes.

Our Approach

We focus on the alignment of people, processes, and technology to implement leading practices in a cost effective manner. Our deep experience with small and mid-sized businesses and awareness of the technology solutions available allows us to achieve results typically only seen in large organizations for a fraction of the cost. We take a hands on services approach from top down with ATX leadership deeply involved in every client engagement. We partner with our clients using cross functional teams to build achievable plans, develop comprehensive solutions, and deliver results.