Data & Analytics

Data & Analytics

Our Approach to Data Initiatives

ATX takes a comprehensive approach towards developing an integrated data strategic roadmap for data transformation initiatives.  We dive right to the core of all systems to layout an achievable plan for a robust and scalable data platform with appropriate solutions to leverage your organizations digital assets.  The resultant plans allow for better reporting, accurate tracking, and precise execution in everyday business practices. 

Our unique approach gives our clients an easy-to-read roadmap armed with the information needed to make key strategic decisions.  

Data Services

Data Strategy

Before we dive into specific data strategy details with an organization, we want to understand the current systems that are in place. We perform an in-depth analysis of the current systems, their utilization rate, and their reporting accuracy before we start facilitating a technology solution that will improve the overall reporting environment.

After our initial assessment we will identify opportunities to develop and implement a comprehensive data strategy plan along with the selection of appropriate reporting solutions that will support all aspects of the plan. We focus on support, controls, and risk mitigation during this process, ensuring all aspects of the overall business plan are accounted for.

While no two plans are identical, most engagements incorporate the following key objectives:
technology maturity data roadmap

• Minimize redundant data sources

• Eliminate the significant manual effort of producing reports

• Improve data quality and accountability for accurate and timely entry

• Create the ability to classify, segment, and analyze data

• Eliminate inaccessible formats of data storage

• Leverage technology to impact the company’s overall mission

Data Warehousing

We offer a comprehensive suite of data warehousing services, including:
  • Data warehouse design and development: We carefully assess your needs and goals to design a secure, scalable, and cost-effective data warehouse solution tailored to your specific industry and business processes.
  • Data integration: We seamlessly connect your different data sources, ensuring efficient data extraction, transformation, and loading into your data warehouse.
  • Data quality management: We implement robust data governance practices to ensure the accuracy, consistency, and reliability of your data, fostering trust in your analytics.
  • Performance optimization: We optimize your data warehouse for speed and efficiency, enabling you to quickly access and analyze large datasets.
  • Reporting and analytics: We help you build meaningful dashboards and reports that translate complex data into actionable insights for all levels of your organization.
  • Cloud-based solutions: We leverage the scalability and flexibility of cloud platforms like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform to host and manage your data warehouse.


Dashboards & Reporting

You know the data is there, but it never seems to be in a format that you want or available when you need it.

Most small and mid-sized organizations struggle with business intelligence, reporting, and data analytics. Transactional systems are often used to capture key data points but the lack of integration between systems leaves a gap in getting information into the hands of owners and executives in a timely manner. If your organization is reliant on excel and access databases to compile financial and operational performance data, you are likely using valuable resources that can be deployed elsewhere.

There are numerous reporting, data warehouse, and business intelligence solutions available to small and mid-sized businesses at a competitive price point. Our consultants help organizations find and implement the right solution to improve management reporting.

In addition to custom developed reporting packages, ATX often works with our clients to leverage the existing financial reporting tools available within their ERP application to create and distribute relevant financial statements. We help our clients better understand their data and seek to avoid the challenges many face in reporting with too many sources of data, disconnected systems, and a reliance on spreadsheets for key information.

Caliper Analytics

You have the data. Now get the information.

Caliper is purpose-built for your organization to provide instant, clear dashboards that inform your important decisions. See all your data in one place. Eliminate the delay and inaccuracy of manually analyzing data from multiple systems with reports and spreadsheets.

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