Client Appreciation

A thank you from ATX Partner, Brendan Abbott

I am truly appreciative of all the blessings I have in my life, both personally and professionally. When thinking about the message I want to convey to the readers of our newsletter, the appreciation that I (and all of us at ATX) have for all of our “partners” is the topic that kept coming across my mind.

One of our core values is “Lasting Relationships,” and we believe in it and practice it every day. The relationships made and nurtured throughout a career are really what makes the work feel less like work and more like fun.  We at ATX have great relationships across the spectrum of business and we are appreciative of all of them.   Here are the relationships that make me so appreciative:  


Clients are the life-blood of every business. You can have the best product or service, but if you do not treat the clients right, soon enough there will no longer be a business.

We at ATX are very appreciative of all our clients and pride ourselves on our very high client retention rate.   Since our founding eight years ago, we have continued to work with, grow and expand along-side our initial clients and these clients are also our greatest referral source.  These relationships are what truly matter and they give us better insight and allow us to be more successful in helping solve the complex systems, technology and data issues that are central to the services that we provide.

Team Members

Much of our recent success has been due to hiring, training and mentoring of “the right people”. As anyone who has ever managed people before knows, not all employees are equal. In a service organization, and especially in an advisory consulting organization, employees are the product. We are confident that we are delivering a very good product with the great team that we have on the ATX “bus.”   We are appreciative of everyone that has chosen to call ATX home and that they consistently go the extra mile and often exceed our high expectations.    

Delivery Partners

ATX is a very collaborative organization.    We work with software publishers and consulting firms across many different technologies and platforms.   It is crucial to our client’s success, and our success  that we have a network of firms that excel at what they do, so we can bring the right solutions and get them successfully implemented.    We are appreciative of our delivery partners that continue to drive the industry forward and that we are able to learn from and vice versa.

Support Partners

Lastly, but certainly not least, are the partners that help us work “on the business”.   Our accountants, attorneys, bankers, peer group members, mentors, business advisors, etc. all have had a tremendous impact on our business and their advice, service, and friendships have been invaluable.    

Thanks to all of you who are part of the ATX family. We are truly appreciative of you!


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