Tracking Service Operations with Caliper BI

Service departments within construction firms can be incredibly challenging to manage and oversee. Almost every organization has different business processes for their service division. This complicates matters when it comes to retrieving data from systems to gain meaningful insights. Given the variety of ways service operations are handled, it’s an extreme rarity for useful reports to be available natively out of a system. Excel is often used to pull together necessary information from reports run out of the system but finding the required data and manually performing pivots can be exceedingly time-consuming.

With Caliper BI, service managers have a one-stop-shop for all data that lives in their system. Everything entered in the system is synced overnight and lives within the tool, allowing for almost instant load times. Available through a web browser and mobile app, Caliper can be accessed anytime, anywhere. With sharing and subscription capabilities, reports and metrics can be sent out whenever and to whomever necessary. Whether you are tracking preventative maintenance agreements, open work orders, billing metrics, or purchase orders, everything entered in your systems is available at your fingertips.

Caliper comes out of the box with a laundry list of pre-built metrics seen in use across the industry. These include, but are not limited to, agreement tracking (New, Renewals, Cancellations), retention, preventative maintenance completion, days to invoice, and more. Data is available in tabular formats for those that like the familiar Excel look and feel, while also having the option for more visual representations. Caliper utilizes simple visuals like bar charts for volume metrics and scatter plots to help identify outliers, as well as more advanced visuals such as mapping. Knowing that service management is handled in a variety of ways, everything is also highly customizable to fit the needs of your specific business.

With many different metrics, comes many different audiences. Caliper serves roles of all kinds, providing a birds-eye view of the entire company using KPI dashboards to see what executives deem important, or pushing out weekly reports to technicians or service managers with equipment tasks or open work orders. Caliper isn’t just limited to one data source either, with your own data warehouse any system in use can be integrated with allowing for easy automated reports. No matter how you manage your business, Caliper provides a single, accessible, source of truth to assist with decision making and process improvements.


Author: Ian Netland

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