Technology and Innovation

Technology Executives

ATX has established a technology executive peer group which brings together some of New England’s brightest minds and successful entrepreneurs to share their experiences with one another. By leveraging this collaboration, the members are able to gain access to industry specific expertise direct from their peers that would otherwise be costly, painful, or time consuming to […]
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Global Software Provider

Our client delivers a global software platform to it’s clients under a recurring subscription model. The platform allows their customers to distribute a solution to their employees that is used to incentivize employees for exceptional performance. As the organization has continued it’s growth it required a solution to better manage all of the organizations customer contracts and […]
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Our client delivers products direct to consumers based on online product orders received from their customers along with recurring subscription deliveries. The client was faced with an aging technology platform which limited the ability to scale the business and engaged ATX to perform a business process and technology review to identify a plan for transforming […]
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