Data & Analytics

ATX takes a comprehensive approach towards developing an integrated data strategic roadmap for data transformation initiatives. We dive right to the core of all systems to layout an achievable plan for a robust and scalable data platform with appropriate solutions to leverage your organizations digital assets. The resultant plans allow for better reporting, accurate tracking, and precise execution in everyday business practices. Our unique approach gives our clients an easy to read roadmap armed with all the information needed to make key strategic decisions.

The critical focus of business intelligence is on the outcome of a company’s value and growth when proper custom implementation is properly applied. First, ATX will assess our client’s overall business plan and their current resources and strategies. Next, ATX will advise, upgrade, and transform the process, software, and data flow to ensure our client is achieving their maximum potential.

Business intelligence in a box! Utilizing world class technology and industry leading practices. It consists of a consolidated platform, integration, and toolset for rapid deployment of business analytics. Find out how your business can utilize our platform to become more efficient and data driven.

You know the data is there but it never seems to be in a format that you want it or available when you need it. Most mid-sized organizations struggle with business intelligence, reporting, and data analytics. Transactional systems are often used to capture key data points but the lack of integration between systems leaves a gap in getting information into the hands of owners and executives in a timely manner. If your organization is reliant on excel and access databases to compile financial and operational performance data, you are likely using valuable resources that can be deployed elsewhere.

Our Approach

ATX assists clients with both the design and development of system integrations. The design process puts a major focus on company specific needs and goals to ensure that the planned integrations meet the specific business needs and utilize appropriate technologies based on the client systems architecture. From a development perspective, ATX develops robust integrations leveraging a variety of frameworks and toolsets based on the client’s technology environment.

We focus on the alignment of people, processes, and technology to implement leading practices. Our deep experience with growing mid-market businesses and awareness of the technology solutions available allows us to achieve results typically only seen in large organizations. We take a hands-on services approach from top down with ATX leadership deeply involved in every client engagement. We partner with our clients using cross functional teams to build achievable plans, develop comprehensive solutions, and deliver results.