Top 10 Signs Your ERP is From The Wrong Decade

10….       Getting useful information out of your ERP is harder than solving the Rubix Cube

9…          Web browsers are so futuristic, your organization instead accesses your ERP via Citrix or Remote Desktop

8…          You want your employees in the field meeting with customers and prospects but they are chained to their desktop computer like the Krypton lock on your mountain bike

7…          You keep an outside consultant or developer on speed dial in case they are needed to perform life support on your ERP

6…          When you click on a button, it opens up another window, which then opens another window, and another window… a trail of Reeses Pieces wouldn’t lead you to where you want to go next

5…          You implemented it in advance of Y2K and throw a boat load of money at it every 2-3 years to maintain the functionality you had back then

4…          The expected ROI of your system was agility and being able to compete better which turned out to be more hype than Dan and Dave

3…          A cloud was something the army of consultants implementing your ERP flew threw on the way to get to your business to work on the system

2….         You learned the Macarena and think you understand the Matrix but you still have trouble doing what you need to in your ERP system

1….         Your ERP is really a limited Resource that isn’t used by the Enterprise and doesn’t do any Planning

Modern ERP systems address many of the challenges associated with legacy solutions which often served their purpose for a period of time but now lag significantly behind upstart and revamped ERP solutions.  These legacy solutions have not kept pace with rapid changes occurring in the business environment including globalization, outsourced manufacturing, remote workforce deployment, leaner in house IT departments, the emergence of social networks, cloud technology, and an ever increasing competitive environment requiring greater efficiency and agility to stay on top of the competition.

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