KPI’s & Executive Dashboards

Executive Dashboards and KPIs

Do you have the tools to flash relevant data to key executives and support critical business decisions?

ATX helps clients define key business metrics that business leaders need access to in order to appropriately steer the organization towards it’s objectives. Once defined, we work with our clients to effectively deliver this data in a timely manner connecting data points from the relevant internal business systems and external data sources.

Do you know how you stack up against your peers?

Benchmarking allows organizations to measure performance against industry peers and benchmark values related to costs, cycle times, performance, and staffing. Once benchmarks are established and compared to peer organizations, process improvements can be prioritized based on areas of biggest impact to develop an improvement plan. Key performance indicators (KPIs) can also be established to allow your organization to measure and monitor results of these initiatives as part of a continuous improvement process.

Financial Reporting

In addition to custom developed reporting packages, ATX often works with our clients to leverage the existing financial reporting tools available within their ERP application to create and distribute relevant financial statements. We help our clients better understand their data and seek to avoid the challenges many face in reporting with too many sources of data, disconnected systems, and a reliance on spreadsheets for key information.