Peer Group Facilitation


We provide one of a kind Executive Peer Group Facilitation services to non-competitive companies looking to participate in a specific geographical location. Groups can consist of up to 15 member companies that participate in monthly or quarterly meetings that cover a variety of topics, giving members an opportunity to establish bonds and devote time to collaborative idea sharing. 

Member Benefits

  • Best practices and access to peer advice
  • Instant scale without consolidation
  • Quick wins will be a common takeaway from meetings
  • A network to bounce purchasing decisions off of, request recommendations on products and services, etc.
  • Executive advisory / BOD at a fraction of the cost with other individuals that know your industry
  • Networking with a group of other business owners and executives
  • Dedicated time to think and focus on your business as opposed to in your business
  • Benchmarking data, compensation studies, etc.
  • As things evolve, there could also be potential economies of scale with members pooling spend or sharing certain costs across like companies such as recruiting, marketing, benefits, sponsorships, etc.

Role of the Facilitator

  • ATX will serve as a paid facilitator of the group with fees to be determined based on planned meetings for the year at a price point similar to other peer networking groups
  • Work with the members to establish the group, onboard new members, and develop by-laws and governing principals
  • Promote and market the group to other potential members
  • Provide a secure information sharing portal available to all members
  • Work with members to develop and distribute meeting agendas and preparatory materials
  • Moderate discussions to ensure appropriate time is spent on topics and that each member has a voice and opportunity at the table
  • Coordination and planning of meeting logistics
  • Provide onsite facilitation of peer group meetings
  • Participation and expertise in best practices and add own experiences to the discussion
  • Provide follow up documentation to group following each meeting

Membership Criteria

Industry or service based groups… Each member will have a connection to the main group title (i.e. Technology, Mechanical, Legal, etc.) and be able to contribute industry / service expertise

Ownership structure… Most members will be owners of privately held companies but groups may also include CEOs of private equity owned businesses

There must be a cultural fit with other members… No egos, trustworthy, candid, and believers in the peer learning principle

Keys to a Successful Group

Group must be beneficial to all members. Everyone must have something to add and receive

Use of a facilitator is key for maximizing the value of the time spent with the peer group

Members need to be committed and prioritize team meetings

Members need to get to know each other and develop trust and relationships

Why Choose Us?

Only peer group focused on the technology industry

A network with similar needs to discuss purchasing decisions, referrals, and lessons learned

Access to technology industry specific benchmark and compensation data

With that focus will come greater opportunities to compound the benefits of the group

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